Adult Sunday School Classes

3 C's - Nathan Null

The 3 C’s Class is an inviting group of men and women who are committed to the accurate study of the Word and its application to our daily rhythms of life. Each class is facilitator-led with lots of opportunity for discussion and participation. 

12 Stones - Brad Rogers

The 12 Stones Class is diverse a group of adults committed to the careful study of the Bible, verse-by-verse. Each class is filled with great biblical content and discussion concerning the Bible’s application in the home, society, and around the world. 

All Ages & Stages - Boyd White

The All Ages/Stages Class is unique in that we are not only a family of God, but a family among ourselves. It is a group that is dedicated to the study of God's Word.

Sowers - Bennie Corbett

We are a class of friendly, welcoming members. We study the Bible, verse-by-verse, each in its proper context as a whole. Class is participatory, and we seek to apply God’s Word into everyday life.

Single Adults - Mac McLean

We have a varied age range from college to young singles in their careers. Many in our class are involved in other ministries of FABC. Bring your Bible, and join us in study and fellowship. 

Friends in Service - Bobby Stafford

The Friends in Service class is composed of 20 single adults ages 60+ - 90+ who are committed to studying and applying the Bible accurately, prayer, fellowship, and celebrating life events together. 

Faithful Followers - Darin Humbard

The Faithful Followers Class is founded upon the Word. Every encounter together is filled with joy, excitement, and blessing. Together, we study the Word, reach out to share the Word, and love one another in celebration of God’s goodness.

Friendly Men - Walter Thomas

The Friendly Men Class are truly seniors of the greatest generation, but we welcome all who come.  We engage in timely bible study, and all of the class participates, using a lifetime of Christian Service. 

Open Door - Ken Carter

The Open Door Class values the study of God's Word and love for people above all else. Our love and compassion for one another is evidenced by our prayer and fellowship time each Sunday morning and our outreach focuses. 

New Beginnings - Jimmy Sowers

For new members who have gone through the Connect Class.

Plan A - Bill Hagie & Louis Pointer

Plan A is a young adult (late 20s - early 40s) class that represents several young families of FABC and values the teaching of God's Word, discipleship, fellowship, missions, and helping one another in times of need. 

Romans 12 - Brenda Cronin

We demonstrate our faith by serving. Every member of the class is involved in some ministry in our Church. We use our gifts by ministering to others outside the Church. 

Faith & Family - Fred Johnson

For young married couples and families.

Cornerstone Disciples - Jim Rock

For new members who have gone through the Connect Class.

Student & Kids Sunday School Classes


For school age children K-5th grade upstairs in the FABC Kids area.

HS Guys -Rocky Cook, Cody Johnson

For high school guys meeting in the Youth Room's kitchen space.

HS Girls - Jen Johnson, Amy Jordan

For high school girls meeting in the Youth Room's whiteboard room.

MS Guys - Joey Broyles, Matt & Adam Shirtz

For middle school guys.

MS Girls - Jenna Puig

For middle school girls.

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