Season 2 begins Nov 1 at 6:30pm

 These 1/hr a week Equip Classes cover a wide variety of biblical topics that apply to daily living. Equip Classes take place on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 in various classrooms on FABC campus. During this same hour, children meet for Wednesday Night Live and students meet for the FA Student Service.

FALL 2023 (7 weeks)
Season 1: Sep 13 - Oct 25

FALL 2023 (5 weeks)
Season 2: Nov 1, 8, 15, 29 & Dec 6

Equip Classes (Season 2)

"Back to the Beginning"
with Belinda Wile
"Can I Ask That?"
with Pastor Jobal
"How's Your Defense? (pt 2)"
with Boyd White
NOTE: There's no requirement to have taken the first season of "How's Your Defense?" in order to sign up for part 2. Boyd will be teaching new content that anyone can jump in to.

Equip Classes (Season 1)

"Biblical Hospitality"
with Shelley Keatts
Shelley will be walking through a book called “The Simplest Way to Change the World," by Dustin Willis and Brandon Clements. However, please don't feel obligated to buy or read the book, it’s completely optional!
"The Measure of a Man"
with Pastor Robert Keatts
Pastor Robert will be walking through a book called “The Measure of a Man: Twenty Attributes of a Godly Man," by Gene Getz. You can buy this book at the Connect Desk or church office for $5.
"How's Your Defense?"
with Boyd White