Season 3
begins Apr 17 at 6:30pm

 These 1/hr a week Equip Classes cover a variety of biblical topics that apply to daily living. Equip Classes take place on Wednesdays at 6:30pm in various classrooms on FABC campus. During this same hour, children meet for Wednesday Night Live and Middle + High School students meet for the FA Student Service.

Equip Classes
Season 3 

April 17 - May 22
(6 weeks)

"The Gospel Invitation"
with Pastor Matt

Whether by personal witness or preaching, the gospel is never complete without an invitation. Join Pastor Matt to learn the biblical and historical basis for gospel invitations, as well as how they can be offered by preachers and teachers, and prayed for by church members.
"The Book of James Part III"
with Pastor Jobal

This class on the Book of James: focuses on James 1:16-21. We will study the goodness of God and His Word in relation to trials, temptation, and the testing of our faith.
"Encountering Hard Passages in the Bible"
with Boyd White

Whether or not you have been a Christian for years or have recently begun your Bible adventure, at some point in your journey of faith you will come across a passage or two that you will find difficult to comprehend. This class will examine the process of interpreting difficult passages.
"Back to the Beginning: Part II"
with Belinda Wile

Join me this April as we continue our journey through the second half of the book of Genesis. Just as we saw in Part One, God's redemptive plan for mankind is unfolding.  We will learn more about human nature as we observe Esau, Jacob, Leah and Rachel. Through Joseph's story, our faith will grow stronger in God's plan for our own lives.  I look forward to our time together as we meet for Part II of Back To The Beginning.