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The Youth Sunday School is currently split between High School and Middle School students.  We currently use Lifeway's The Gospel Project as our Sunday School curriculum. More infomation can be found at gospelproject.com/students. In order that parents might better discuss with their youth what they are learning during Sunday School, a link to a family devotion based on the Sunday School lesson will be placed here each week, along with sermon podcasts, and study material related to the next week's lesson.  There are also personal devotions for students to use throughout the week to prepare for next weeks lesson.  All resources, except the student devotions, can be found at gospelproject.com/adults/additionalresources.

Study Material

“The Gulf of Mexico and the Care of Creation” — Article by Russell D. Moore

Sermon Podcasts

Randy Alcorn: “Investing in Eternity: Financial Stewardship and Eternal Rewards”

Student Devotions

Student Devotions for February 23-March 1, 2014

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