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Ministries / Students / Youth/Family Devotions

One of the greatest privileges and priorities of a Christian is spending time with our great God every day.  Below are resources designed to help both parents and students grow in their relationship with Christ.

Devotions and Study Materials from our Sunday School Curriculum: The Gospel Project.

Family Devotions: Online Bibles and Apps:

Other helpful links:

  • UPCOMING EVENTS - Check out what major events are coming down the pipe
  • THE ATTIC - This is the time the youth come together for food, fun, fellowship, and worship
  • THE TREE - This is the time the youth grow deeper in their biblical studies through prayer and actions
  • RESOURCES - Many additional resources have been provided to help you grow our youth
  • VISION & GOALS - Learn about our approach to Youth Ministry

Want to know more?

  • Jamie Burkett (Minister to Students) - (336) 292-3567, ext. 307