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Is Breeze secure?

Yes. The confidentiality of your data is our main priority. Breeze utilizes secure connections to ensure that no one else accesses your data.

Who will have access to my giving records?

You and authorized office staff will be the only people that have access to information about your giving record. Neither church officers, nor the pastoral staff, have access to this information.

What do I do if my giving record appears to be incorrect?

Keep in mind that giving records can lag behind a week or two during certain busy times of the year. Please allow at least two weeks for your record to be updated from any given date. If there is still concern that an item is not showing on your record after this two week period, please contact Chonda Shupe (336-292-3567, ext. 325).

Who can see my contact information on the Breeze site?

Only registered users have access to contact information via their password. No one else on the internet can see your information. Users MUST be in our membership database before they are given a password.

What if lose my password?

Send an email to Chonda Shupe and request a password change. Administrators cannot see user passwords because they are private. They can only reset passwords. Once a password is reset, your new password will be emailed to you.

Can I reset my password?

Yes. Once you are logged on, Click on settings in the upper right hand corner. On the left hand side choose change password. Key in your current password and then your new password twice and then click save changes. Your new password will take effect immediately.

Can I bookmark the Breeze site so I don't have to go through the church website?

Yes. Click here for the Breeze Login Screen. Please feel free to save the Breeze page to your favorites list in your web browser for easy access.

Does Breeze have a mobile app?

Yes. You can download the mobile app for ios or android phones from your app store. For more information click here.

How do I get started?

To join Breeze, please email Chonda Shupe a request. Send your name and email address in the body of the email.

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