Re-Opening Plan

COVID-19 Updates

After prayerful consideration with the staff and deacons of Friendly Avenue Baptist Church, and in consideration of the feedback received in a recent church survey, we want to introduce our re-open plan and what you can expect moving forward. The phased plan will closely resemble the timelines and phases set forth by the health department and local/state officials. The decision to adopt the plan below was sought in prayer, approved by the staff and deacon fellowship of Friendly Avenue, and made in consultation with The Governor’s Office, The Guilford County Commissioners Office, the Sheriff’s Attorney’s Office, our church’s insurance company, and a local attorney.

Our multi-phase re-opening plan began on Sunday, May 24th with a time of corporate worship on the church's ball field. We will continue to worship outdoors each Sunday at 9:00 am throughout Phases 1 & 2 (see below). See the "Social Distancing Map" as well as the "What to Expect" section below to better understand how outdoor services are being conducted. For those who wish to remain home, a live-streaming service will still be made available at 11:00 am each Sunday morning throughout Phases 1 & 2.

Our campus is now open for Sunday School classes and Grow Groups to meet. Classes and groups wishing to meet in person on campus must register online. Throughout Phase 2 we are asking Sunday School classes and Grow Groups to follow specific safety and sanitation protocols to ensure the future success of ministries returning indoors.


NOTE: Ministries and programs related to FABC Kids such as Sunday School, KidsGrow, KidsPraise, Worship Care, and childcare are postponed until a safe re-launch time and strategy is determined. As such, adults with children who wish to participate in upcoming on-campus activities will be responsible to keep their children with them at all times while observing social distancing regulations. We encourage all families to make the most of discipling their children at home by taking advantage of the Family Worship Experience that is provided online and during each Sunday's Drive-Thru (2 - 3 pm).


Sunday Morning Worship on the Ball Field

Sunday worship (weather permitting) will be on the ball field at 9:00 am each Sunday for the foreseeable future. Each family unit may take a 12-ft x 12-ft block on the ball field to maintain social distancing. Bring lawn chairs and sun protection. Hand sanitizing stations and bottled waters will be made available upon entry. Masks are encouraged, but not required. Individuals and families you may have difficulties worship on the field can take advantage of the "primer parking" along the fence line and tune into 87.7 FM to listen to the service audio.


As we look to each Sunday of worship on the ball field, here are a list of things to except and how you should prepare.
  • Outdoor services on the ball field begin @ 9:00 am each Sunday throughout Phases 1 & 2
  • Bring lawn chairs and sun protection
    • Chairs are provided at the field entrance in case you’re unable to bring your own
    • Bottled waters are provided upon entry to help "beat the heat"
    • You can bring a tailgating tent for shade, but it must set-up along the perimeter of the field to not block sight lines to the stage
  • Parking along the fence line is reserved for handicapped and families with younger children who may not be able to abide by social distancing expectations
    • NOTE: For those parking along the fence line, tune in to 87.7 FM for service audio
  • Enter the ball field through the gate closest to Friendly Avenue
  • Upon entering the field...
    • ...sanitize your hands at the hand sanitizing station
    • ...drop off food donations items for the Food Distributions
    • ...ushers will direct families to 12-ft squares, filing in front-to-back
      • NOTE: 12-ft squares are first-come-first-served (no saving spots, no “back-row-Baptists”). One family unit per 12-ft square
  • Observe social distancing (even as much as you want to hug people you haven’t seen!)
  • Exit the ball field on the playground side
  • Upon exiting the field...
    • ...sanitize your hands at the hand sanitizing station
    • ...drop off your tithes and offerings
  • Bathrooms are open inside the church
    • NOTE: One person in the bathrooms at a time (or 1 family unit for children in need of assistance)
  • We will make available a live-streaming service @ 11:00 am for caution and at-risk members who wish to worship at home
  • If weather prevents us from gathering...
    • ...we will make the call NO LATER THAN 8:00 am Sunday morning and will send notifications via email and social media
    • ...we will switch to an online only service @ 11:00 am


We're asking all Sunday School classes and Grow Groups who desire to meet on campus throughout the duration of Phase 2 to adhere to the following safety protocols.

  • Have your temperature taken upon entering the building. Those registering temperatures 100.4 and above will, unfortunately, not be allowed to enter.
  • Wear a mask while indoors.
  • Refrain from lingering and congregating in the hallways. Outdoor fellowship, however, is acceptable.
  • Clean and sanitize any spaces or surfaces you used before leaving - click here for a list recommended by the CDC.