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Bible Study / Sunday School / FAQ

Why should I join a Sunday School class?

Sunday School is the vital link between Friendly Avenue and individuals. Genuine ministry, support, community, and spiritual growth naturally result from involvement in a Sunday School class.The purpose of Sunday School is to teach believers and reach unbelievers through Bible study growth groups so that they all may become more like Jesus Christ in their thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions.

Do I have to be in a certain age group to participate in a Sunday School class?

No. Sunday School classes are available for every age, beginning with toddlers through senior adults. Fully equipped facilities are available for babies. Whether you are a child, a teenager, single, married, or a senior citizen, there is a small group for you to join.

Do I have to join FABC or know about the Bible to join a Sunday School class?

No. Our Sunday School classes invite everyone who wishes to attend. In addition, we will provide you with literature so you can follow along with the lesson. Bibles can be provided if needed.

Will I be called upon to pray or answer questions?

We will not ask you personal questions or ask you to do anything that would possibly embarrass you. We do, however, welcome you to join in discussion if you desire and feel comfortable doing so, even on your first visit.

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