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Qualifications for Service

The following are qualifications for those who volunteer in the Children’s Ministry Activities of Friendly Avenue Baptist Church:

  1. A believer in Jesus Christ, giving evidence of faith by believers’ baptism and written or verbal testimony.
  2. A person of no less than sixteen (16) years of age.
  3. A person who submits to a criminal background check by Friendly Avenue Baptist Church (The criminal background check is confidential and will only be seen by the Office Manager of Friendly Avenue Baptist Church).
  4. A person whose criminal background check does not result in any questionable criminal activity that would be deemed unsafe for working with children.
  5. A person who is a member of Friendly Avenue Baptist Church.
  6. A person who exhibits public character and behavior that is becoming of a Christian.
  7. A person who has completely read and complies with both the policies and procedures described in the Preschool Ministry Information Booklet and those set by the Children’s Ministry Team (CMT).
  8. A person who will commit to at least an annual year of service.
  9. A person who is approved by the Minister of Children and Families and/or the Children’s Ministry Team (CMT).

All of the above conditions must be met in order to serve as a volunteer with our Children’s Ministry.

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